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Dolphin RFC Mini’s are committed to the IRFU Child Welfare Policy.
We put children’s welfare first and try and ensure that they play rugby in a safe environment.
We ensure that all coaches dealing with underage kids are Garda vetted.
If you have any concerns in relation to Child Welfare please don’t hesitate to contact our Child Welfare Officer.

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 Be Safe and Have Fun!
The IRFU values of all its members, especially Age-Grade Players and will not tolerate repeated, aggressive behaviour (verbal or physical) by an individual or group against others. Respect is one of our core values!
IRFU is committed to tackling bullying so that Age-Grade Players can feel safe within their rugby club and among team players. Incidents of bullying are breaches of the IRFU Codes of Conduct.
All Age-Grade Players should:

  •  Respect each other and all those working as part of our rugby club

  • Tell an adult or someone you trust if you are being bullied

  • Remember - it’s not your fault

  • Stand-up to bullying behavior by telling the Club Welfare Officer what you’ve seen or heard

  • Not to change (the way you are or the way you behave) to fit in with the bully

  • Remember – it’s OK to tell someone how you feel or about what you’ve seen or heard

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 If you have any concerns in relation to Child Welfare please get in touch by emailing the 

Dolphin RFC Child Welfare Officer :

or by completing the form below

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